Green Hills Of Africa (Vintage Classics) por Ernest Hemingway

Green Hills Of Africa (Vintage Classics) por Ernest Hemingway

Titulo del libro: Green Hills Of Africa (Vintage Classics)

Autor: Ernest Hemingway

ISBN: 0099460955

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Ernest Hemingway con Green Hills Of Africa (Vintage Classics)

Title: Green Hills of Africa <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: Ernest Hemingway <>Publisher: VINTAGE

"A fine book on death in the African afternoon. . .The writing is the thing; that way he has of getting down with beautiful precision the exact way things look, smell, taste, feel, sound" (New York Times)

"If he were never to write again, his name would live as long as the English language, for Green Hills of Africa takes its place beside his other works on that small shelf in our libraries which we reserve for the classics" (Observer)

"This book is an expression of a deep enjoyment and appreciation of being alive - in Africa. There is more to it than hunting; it is the feeling of the dew on the grass in the morning, the shape and colour and smell of the country, the companionship of friends ... and the feeling that time has ceased to matter" (TLS)

From the Back Cover
'The best-written story of big-game hunting anywhere' New York Times

From the thrill, frustration and excitement of the hunt for big game to whisky and soda, fresh butter and Viennese dessert with friends, Hemingway articulates a zest for life, capturing brilliantly the landscape of the African continent and its wildlife.

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Ernest Hemingway was born in Chicago in 1899, the second of six children. In 1917, he joined the Kansas City Star as a cub reporter. The following year, he volunteered as an ambulance driver on the Italian front, where he was badly wounded but decorated for his services. He returned to America in 1919, and married in 1921. In 1922, he reported on the Greco-Turkish war before resigning from journalism to devote himself to fiction. He settled in Paris, associating with other expatriates like Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein. He was passionately involved with bullfighting, big-game hunting and deep-sea fishing. Recognition of his position in contemporary literature came in 1954 when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, following the publication of The Old Man and the Sea. He died in 1961.